If anyone is built for difficult, autonomous, even dangerous work, it’s you. You pirouette across lines other people won’t cross. Brutes and villains stomp on the rules like some brute, but your transgressions are made with strategic intention. You see the strings connecting everything together, you know too much to go back to ignorance so you embrace the forbidden fruit. You are extremely capable, but rarely act just because you can. You think every action through, even if it drives you a little crazy and you wish you could just kick back and relax. You’re not much one for “joining” but you’re also not much one for “leading.” You’d be happy to be a rogue asset for the rest of your days, if only you could take your friends and family with you. You may not be the one to start the war, but if your friends need you, you will stand with them shoulder to shoulder for as long as it takes. And when you do, that ledger gets a little bit lighter.

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