Oh boy, are you a trouble maker… Your heart is always in the right place, but you hate being told what to do (are you even listening right now?) and that leads you off into the woods more often than you’d like to admit. You have a tendency to leap before you look, carefully thinking things through has never been your style. You’re not a nerd, but you’re not really the coolest cat either (you’re totally a nerd). You care a lot about people and if you see someone taking advantage of one of your friends or even a stranger, watch out! You’ll be in the mix faster than a speeding bullet. You don’t care much for appearances, you like what you like and people can either take it or leave it. And it’s no wonder that growing up in the same house as history’s most perfect super hero has led you to buck authority at every opportunity. Even with all the mistakes you make along the way, you are a hero in your own right and just as capable of battling evil as your Super dad.

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