You stand for Truth, Justice, and yes, even the American Way. You are a standard bearer for the ideals of freedom and goodness, but you’re humble enough you probably don’t think of yourself that way. You have a tendency to let your gut intuition guide your actions rather than forming a rational plan, but that’s okay because your moral compass always points True North. You have a respect for institutions. That doesn’t mean you blindly follow rules (even though you DO follow rules), it means you believe in changing things from the inside, not nuking the site from orbit. But if the forces of evil insist on a war, you’re more than ready to throw down, with words or even fists. You’ve never been the cool kid in the class, you have a tendency to be quiet and fly under the radar in your regular life. But your sense of purpose and goodness leads you to act when others waste time arguing. You have the passion to be an active force, but the focus to spend all afternoon behind a typewriter fighting another kind of battle. And you look good in a cape.

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